Holiday Guidance

Tarrah Quinlan and Jackie Pappalardi in Clinical & Quality

On last week’s Provider Association Call, the NYSDOH clarified that they would not be sending out guidance specific to the holidays. Facilities are responsible for following all pertinent existing guidance as it relates to visitation and residents going out of the facility. 

Per previous CMS guidance (QSO 20-28-NH): “It is unlawful for a facility to detain and stop a resident from leaving the facility if the resident wishes to leave. Because of the risks of transmission of COVID-19, facilities should strongly discourage residents from leaving the facility and follow the guidelines released by local or state jurisdictions. If a resident insists on leaving against medical advice, the facility must allow them to leave, should encourage them to wear a facemask while out in the community, discuss the importance of handwashing, offer hand sanitizer if available, and document in the resident’s medical record how the facility discouraged leaving and explained the risks of leaving to the resident and/or resident representative. For a resident who leaves and intends to return, the facility should monitor the resident upon return for fever and signs and symptoms of respiratory infection for 14 days (preferably in a space dedicated for observation of asymptomatic residents), and implement the necessary Transmission-Based Precautions if the resident develops fever or signs and symptoms of respiratory infection.” 

The CDC also provided this general guidance: 


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