Foundation for Quality Care Receives Grants to Train Leaders and Improve Quality in Long Term Care Across New York State

Rick Patterson and Gayle Farman

The Foundation for Quality Care, Inc. (FQC), an affiliate of the New York State Health Facilities Association (NYSHFA) and New York State Center for Assisted Living (NYSCAL), recently was awarded more than $712,000 under the New York State Department of Health and New York State Department of Labor, Health Workforce Retraining Initiative to train leaders and improve quality of care in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  

This two-year program will provide state-of-the-art leadership training in 2017-18 for administrators, nurses, nurse educators, quality improvement, and other interdisciplinary managers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities from every county in New York State.  

“We are thrilled to receive this grant award so that the Foundation can expand the program to include more training for leaders on managed long term care, health information technologies, person-centered and culturally competent care, and the most up-to-date regulatory changes impacting the industry,” noted Richard Herrick, President of the Foundation for Quality Care.   

“The goals of the Long Term Care Leadership Institute are to address the nursing shortage and new job requirements in long term care and administration. The skills developed and learned in the Leadership Institute have enabled participants to advance in their career and to transfer these skills to the other staff at their facilities,” continued Richard Patterson, Project Director.   

Since 2002, the Foundation has delivered this training to more than 7,500 long term care professionals furthering our mission to improve the quality of care in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities across the State and providing improved access to the workforce training for facilities in underserved areas. Programs are accredited by SUNY Polytechnic and the National Association of Nursing Home Licensure Boards (NAB).

For more information about upcoming programs, please go to

Richard Patterson
Executive Director
518-462-4800, ext. 19

Gayle Farman
Sr. Director of Resource Development
518-462-4800, ext. 34