Stephen Hanse in From the President

In this time of unprecedented stress, anxiety and uncertainty, it is crucial to remember that we are ALL in this together – staff, residents and families – each and every one of us! 

When we are facing so many seemingly overwhelming issues at work and in our personal lives, it can be extremely difficult to notice all the moments of love, compassion and joy that are occurring regularly within our facilities. But these moments are occurring all around us! If we strive to seek out these moments of love, compassion and joy, we will find them! 

The photo below is just one example of the love and joy that is all around us. I am asking each and every member of our NYSHFA/NYSCAL family to actively seek out these moments at your facility, take a “LOVEpic” photo with a phone (with no associated words or names) or have a resident or family member share a photo and e-mail it to Jessica Van Wormer at jvanwormer@nyshfa-nyscal.org for posting on our website. 

In life, great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Through our care and compassion in serving others we serve ourselves. 

Thank you.