Extension of the 2020 Compliance Period for Facility Evacuation Planning

Jackie Pappalardi and Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

The New York State Department of Health (Department), Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management (OPCHSM) recognizes the tremendous amount of work that providers currently are facing in order to safeguard their staff, patients, residents, and the public health due to the ongoing outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Department also recognizes that this additional workload will continue for at least the next several weeks. 

Given these extraordinary circumstances, the Department has decided to extend the compliance period for providers to complete the work that was outlined in the Dear CEO and Administrator Letter (DAL) of December 20, 2019, and that originally was due to be completed by March 31, 2020 (original DAL attached). This work includes provider updates for their facility, of the HERDS Critical Asset Survey and the Facility Evacuation Planning Application (FEPA) on the Department’s Health Commerce System (HCS). The due date for completion of this work is now May 31, 2020. See attached for full DAL.


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Executive Director
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Lisa Volk, RN, B.P.S., LNHA
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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