Be Ready for a NYSDOH Focused Infection Control Survey

Jackie Pappalardi Nancy Leveille Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

We are again disseminating the Infection Control COVID-19 Nursing Home Survey developed by CMS and CDC so facilities can educate themselves on the latest practices and expectations if NYSDOH enters your building to conduct an unannounced Focused Infection Control survey. The surveyors are looking at staff compliance to infection control practices. As we have been reinforcing with you since the beginning, DOCUMENT all actions related to COVID-19 and infection control in your building for staff education, requesting PPE and other needed supplies from your OEM. 

Make sure your staff are providing direction and supervision, especially for new members on your staff. Additional staff observations conducted by surveyors include auditing staff actions such as hand hygiene, correct use of PPE and staff knowledge on identification of the signs and symptoms of infection. Make sure all your staff can verbalize and demonstrate the positive infection control actions going on in your building to prevent the spread of infection. 

Set up an organized method (i.e. binder or computer folder) to capture your documentation on specific actions which highlight your preparedness, utilize the attached CMS Focused Infection Control checklist as your guide. Demonstrate the current implementation of the Infection Control Plan in your building, how you are monitoring practices using Line Lists and tracking data and documenting the information daily on HERDSs. 

Call NYSHFA/NYSCAL with any questions. 


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