REVISED COVID-19 Testing Plan Draft Response Language

Esq. Stephen B. Hanse in Clinical & Quality, Legal

Please find the REVISED language sample below prepared by NYSHFA/NYSCAL General Counsel Neil Murray that you may want to consider including within your COVID-19 Testing Plan submission today. As always, please consult your local counsel prior to your utilization of these suggestions.

Given the character limitations of the last box of the HERDS COVID-19 Testing Plan Survey, please see below revised suggested language you may consider adding to your testing record tracking response in the last HERDS response box:

COVID-19 Testing Plan: This Plan is filed contingent upon (1) this Facility’s physical ability to access the materials, equipment and qualified testers, (2) the cooperation of all individuals to be tested, (3) clarification on how the huge costs associated with the tests will be paid for, and (4) any other circumstance that may make it impossible to complete the Plan.


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