NYS Files 1115(A) COVID-19 Demonstration Waiver

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DOH has filed a request for Section 1115(A) Demonstration Authority related to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The Waiver, which would be retroactive to March 1, 2020 and continue through March 31, 2021 requests $2.75 billion to fund mission-critical activities over this time span. To address the immediate pandemic needs, the state requests three key initial investments to preserve essential providers: 

  1. Emergency Capacity Assurance
  2. Rapid Facility Conversion
  3. Regional Coordination and Workforce Development 

To support targeted and prompt distribution of funds, two funding pools will be established: the Emergency Capacity Assurance Fund (ECAF) ($1.85B), which will provide direct funding to stabilize providers and ensure ongoing capacity thru a rapid application process, and the Regional Coordination and Emergency Deployment Fund (RCEDF) ($900M), to support Performing Provider Systems (PPS’s) efforts to establish regional coordination and workforce redeployment. 

The State has also requested a 12-month extension to the MRT Waiver, currently set to expire on 3/31/21. In addition, certain regulatory and waiver flexibilities regarding providers’ managed care plans have been proposed. 

In summary, the purpose of the 1115 Emergency Demonstration Application is to make specific and targeted investments in the Medicaid delivery system, sustain provider capacity, and preserve beneficiary access to essential health care services. Full details of the waiver request are attached below. 

Attached are the DOH Application Letter as well as the Waiver Application. Further information may be found on the DOH COVID-19 Guidance for Medicaid Providers:  https://health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/covid19/ 


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