HHS Updates Cares Provider Relief FAQs

Carl J. Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

HHS has posted an updated set of Provider Relief Fund FAQs, as well as a state-specific database of providers who have received payments to date from the general fund.

The AHCA bulletin with further details is below:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has posted a reorganized and updated set of Provider Relief Fund FAQs. Structurally, the document now is broken out by Allocation type: Targeted, General, Uninsured, Rural and Indian Health Services. FAQs of interest to AHCA/NCAL members that have received grants, specifically SNFs, include:  

  • Additional detail on Attestation – DHHS provides information on accepting funds, rejecting funds, as well as how to accept one award but reject another.  
  • Publication of Payment Data – Through a CDC data portal, DHHS now is displaying award data by provider name and award amount. Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and provider type are not included in the database available here. DHHS notes in the FAQs is does not intend to add data elements such as NPIs, TINs, or other provider identification details.  
  • Tranche 2 General Allocation Formula – DHHS show the formula and discusses why a provider that received a Tranche 1 allocation might not have received a Tranche 2 allocation.
  • Payment Portal – DHHS offers guidance on how providers without a TIN, such as county owned providers may attest and/or apply for funding.  
  • Additional Payments – Additional detail is provided on requesting additional funds in the context of the 2% limit.


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