AHCA: Update #75 | HHS Releases Guidance on Important CARES Fund Questions

Carl J. Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

Last evening, DHHS released long-awaited FAQs on Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), corporate structure and related transfers of funds. Other topics included explanations regarding additional requests of financial information, and guidance on executive compensation. With this release, AHCA is hopeful that DHHS will next address Change in Ownership and the problematic 10-day reporting window. As soon as AHCA/NCAL receives additional information the membership will be alerted.

Below is the AHCA bulletin: 

In This COVID-19 Update: 

  • HHS Releases Guidance on Important CARES Fund Questions
  • Revised Notification Guidelines from AHCA

Updates to Provider Relief Fund FAQs Address TIN and Gross Receipts

Late yesterday, June 2, HHS released updated FAQs with long awaited guidance on Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and has explained use of Gross Receipts. In addition to the TIN FAQs, HHS also added or updated other FAQ topic areas.  That information is listed below the TIN information. To find updated, Gross Receipts language, AHCA/NCAL recommends downloading a copy of the FAQs as a PDF and conducting a key word search.  


Revised Notification Guidelines 

AHCA/NCAL has updated the COVID-19 Reporting and Notification Guidelines for Nursing Homes, according to the new regulations for notifying residents, representatives and families of COVID cases that went into effect on May 8, 2020. These guidelines supplement the information in this detailed summary AHCA previously provided  and provide further clarification from CMS on how providers should report cumulative COVID cases and clusters of three or more residents/staff with new onset respiratory symptoms within 72 hours. Read More  



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